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To all who are spiritually weary and seek rest;
to all who mourn and long for comfort;
to all who struggle and desire victory;
to all who sin and need a Savior;
to all who are strangers and want fellowship;
to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness;
and to whoever will come...

...this church opens wide her doors
and offers her welcome in the name
of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  Faith Baptist Church - Please come join us!!

University Of Pittsburgh Students
 Welcome to students attending University of Pittsburgh, Bradford for the fall semester.
We invite you to come and visit our church!
Call 814-368-7622 for additional information.

Services and


Sunday School
Morning Preaching Service
Evening Preaching Service
(Last Sunday of the month)

Prayer Meeting and Bible Study

-  9:45 AM
-  11:00 AM
-  6:00 PM
-  2:00 PM

-  7:00 PM

Location:  498 Seaward Ave., Bradford, PA 16701
Phone :  814-368-7622

"Established in 1983 to be a voice for historic Biblical Fundamentalism"

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